Klesiv aggregates quarry «Technobud»

Klesiv aggregates quarry «Technobud»

Klesiv village, Sarny district, Rivne province. Granite deposit. Quarried from 1949.

Klesiv aggregates quarry Technobud has the greatest output and efficiency among Ukrainian aggregates quarries. In its years of existence, the plant witnessed 6 reconstructions to become a highly efficient crushed granite stone producer.

Thanks to modernization products output increased from 200 Ktons to 5 Mtons of crushed aggregates products a year.

Products from Klesiv aggregates quarry Technobud

Operating quarry develops 8 mining benches.

There are geology and surveying services at site.

Granites of Klesiv VI deposit are quarried by drilling and blasting; the rock mass is loaded further on into dump trucks by excavators.

Blasting is performed by drilling and blasting unit of Klesiv site. Granite is crushed by borehole and surface charges.

  • The company’s operation is based on Klesiv VI granite deposit.
  • The deposit is located within Klesiv village in Sarny district of Rivne province.
  • The company is connected to Klesiv railway station (Lviv railway) by rail of 0,5 km.
  • The deposit occupies 136,5 Ha of licensed area.

The site operates on a transport system of deposit quarrying with simultaneous quarry face advancing and external stockpiling. Minerals are quarried by parallel excavation with circular assessing of dump trucks for loading. .

At Klesiv VI deposit the granite (rock mass) is processed into a crushed stone by means of four-stage crushing with a closed circuit at the third crushing stage.

All production equipment is installed indoors and connected to dust-collecting systems. Klesiv quarry Technobud has implemented and constantly improves certified systems of quality control (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001)

Klesiv quarry Technobud has implemented and constantly improves certified systems of quality control (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

Klesiv site comprises six shops: mining, processing, road transport, rail transport, machinery & repair and energy & maintenance shops. The site also has administrative & household facility, repair & building group, repair & restoration and drilling & blasting facilities.

The company employs over 600 people.

Klesiv aggregates quarry Technobud is the main taxpayer to budget of local united territorial community and a major taxpayer to district and regional budgets. The company is a responsible employer with a high wages in the region.

In its operation LLC Klesiv aggregates quarry Technobud is guided by principles of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Company’s public duty is to promote social and cultural development of both local community and the whole region.

Klesiv aggregates quarry Technobud :

  • Founder and member of Association of aggregates construction materials producers of Ukraine.
  • Has signed the Declaration on integrity and joined all-Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC 2 )in 2017.
  • Member of Ukrainian Chamber for Construction 3.
  • Winner of all-Ukrainian contest “100 best goods of Ukraine” in nomination “Production technical goods” in 2015.
  • A winner of all-Ukrainian inspection contest “The best enterprise in Health and Safety” 4 arranged by the State Labor Service of Ukraine in nomination “Mining industry” for work results in 2016.
  • A winner of all-Ukrainian environmental contest “Environment quality and safety” 5 in nomination «Environmental initiative» in 2017.

Qualitative characteristics of the mineral.

Deposit mineral is mainly represented by granites and partially by granodiorites and aplites with similar structural /textural features and physical /mechanical parameters being one technological raw material type and complying with State Standards of Ukraine (SSU) # 23845-86 “Hard rocks for aggregates production for construction. Performance criteria and testing methods” and with Ukraine's National Building Code В.1.4-1.01-97 “Regulated radiation parameters. Allowed levels”. Deposit quarrying experience from 1949 and undertaken researches showed that the deposit mineral may be applied for construction aggregates production (SSU Б В. 2.7-75-98 “Natural, dense crushed aggregates and gravel for construction materials, products, units and works. Technical specifications.”) and for quarry stone (ТУ У В.2.7-14.1-33885138-003:2009). Screening dust generated from processing granite into crushed stone complies with SSU Б В. 2.7-32-95 requirements: “Tight natural sand for construction materials, products, units and works. Technical specifications” if washed and screened into fractions.

Crushed granite road mixture 0-40mm
Crushed granite stone fraction 5-10mm
Granite screenings fraction 0-5mm
Aspiration dust
Crushed granite stone fraction 15-25mm
Crushed granite stone fraction 2-6mm
Crushed granite stone fraction 2-5,6mm
Crushed granite stone fraction 20-40mm
Щебень гранитный фракция 10-20мм
Crushed granite stone fraction 10-20 mm
Щебінь гранітний фракція 5-20мм
Crushed granite stone fraction 5-20mm
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