Health & Safety

Health & Safety


Health & Safety is a top priority of Technobud Group.

The company aims to work with no harm to people. Therefore, its industrial sites are concerned about safe working conditions for their employees and contractors.
Health and safety management system at the company's industrial sites is based on a risk-oriented approach. The main focus of the Health & Safety team is to prevent risks and potentially hazardous situations that can lead to injury, as required by Ukrainian legislation.

Main risks at the sites are minimized and brought to an acceptable level, so they are managed. Internal corporate rules are developed for each type of hazardous works. These rules must be followed by both employees and contractors. The risks must be assessed under the specified procedure before any work performance to prevent accidents.

Safety rules compliance is absolute and strictly controlled.

All employees are provided with obligatory special work clothes with all necessary protection elements.

Medical aid stations and modern amenity buildings are at employees’ disposal. Annual medical examinations showed that site employees undergo all types of recommended out- and inpatient treatment, as well as sanatorium and preventive therapies.

An important aspect of the company is involvement of employees, contractors and local communities in support and improvement of safe behavior culture in the company and in the community, as well as conscious understanding that indifference or disregard of Health & Safety rules and lifestyle leads only to negative consequences.

To do this, the company holds:

  • Regular safety and first aid trainings for site employees;
  • Interactive Health & Safety lessons for local schoolchildren;
  • Health & Safety contests for employees and their families;
  • Sports tournaments among employees;
  • Corporate events devoted to Health and Safety topics for employees, their families and representatives of local communities

    The company confirmed its concern about Health and Safety issues by having Klesiv aggregates quarry “Technobud” recognized in 2017 as the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest; The Best Ukrainian company in Health & Safety issues” in nomination "Mining Industry” organized by the State Labor Service of Ukraine. Effectiveness of Health & Safety management system, creation of safe and healthy working conditions, actions taken to develop a corporate culture of safe work, holding of Health & Safety trainings , level of occupational injuries and occupational diseases were evaluated.

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