Піщано-гравійна продукція

In our company sand & gravel products (natural gravel, crushed gravel stone and sand) are produced at Maidan-Ispas sand and gravel quarry.

Crushed gravel stone is a loose aggregative construction material obtained through weathering / erosion of rocks or technical crushing of hard rocks.
Rocky gravel is most often added to concrete grouts as clay and sand mingled in it make a concrete grout more viscous and cohesive.
Sand & gravel mix is a construction material. It is a mix of gravel and sand, commonly made of the biggest gravel granules. It may be of two types: natural and enriched.
Sand & gravel mixed with water and cement creates cement grout or mortar used in concrete production.
All sand & gravel products of our company comply with State Standards of Ukraine, have respective conformity and quality certificates.

Areas of products use:

  • Production of ordinary concrete for industrial and civil construction without increased freeze
  • Resistance requirements.
  • Road construction.
  • Hard landscaping.
  • Ground filling and terrain treatment improvement.

Main characteristics of company’s crushed gravel stone:

Hardness type


Freeze resistance



1 class (up to 370 Bq/kg)

Bulk density

1,35-1,4 t/m3

Delivery of products from Maidan-Ispas quarry: +38 (050) 375 57 94

Майдан-іспаський кар'єр піщано-гравійної суміші

Пісок природний з гравію фракції 0-5мм
Пісок природний з гравію фракції 2-5мм
Гравійно-піщана суміш фракція 0-63мм​
Гравій природний фракції 5-20мм
Щебінь природний з гравію фракції 20-40мм
Щебінь природний з гравію фракції 5-20мм.
Щебінь природний з гравію фракції 5-10 мм