Environmental impact reduction and rational use of natural resources are among important activities of the industrial sites who are members of Technobud Group.

No nature reserve funds are affected by business activities of the industrial sites.

In general, aggregates production affects flora and fauna insignificantly, as air pollutants concentration is low, even within the sanitary protection zone.

However, the factor of moderate influence is dust generation and industrial noise resulting from equipment operation and blasting works on granite quarries.

  • Dust-exhaust systems are used for dust control on the industrial sites. Site specialists are constantly working on dust collection optimization and efficiency in drilling and crushing plants of the industrial sites.  In addition, stone screening stockpiles are irrigated, liquid bischofite  is used to fixate developed stock pile slopes; products storage areas and main dust generation facilities (feed hoppers, screens, crushers, screening dust and crushed stone discharging and unloading units) are irrigated; the sites’ territories and adjacent streets are systematically irrigated; each year industrial sites are planted with trees and shrubs to better protect them against wind, noise and dust; dump trucks transporting small-fractioned crushed stone or screening dust are tented.
  • In order to protect the atmosphere during drilling, new drill rigs with dust-collecting chambers are used.
  • Dust amount during large-scale blasts is reduced by hole watering and quarry face irrigation. Explosives with neutral oxygen balance are used to reduce emissions of harmful gases.
  • Air quality at the quarry is monitored by sampling to analyze gases and dust content in the air.
  • Each site unit has uniform waste management rules, where waste is sorted and sent for recycling to specialized companies. Emergency instructions are mandatory to follow.
  • Quarry water is regularly checked for a mixture of dissolved substances and micro particles, the content of which should not exceed the standards.
  • Radionuclide level of finished products’ rock is regularly monitored.
  • For efficient minimization of environmental impact the industrial sites implemented the environmental management system certified under international ISO 14001 standard

Taken measures help to enhance dust emission control and reduce environmental impact.