Koshchiivka granite quarry

Koshchiivka granite quarry


Koshchiivka village, Fastiv district, Kyiv province. Granite deposit. Quarried from 2009.

Production capacity - about 1 million tons of crushed stone per year.

Products from Koshchiivka granite quarry

With regard to mining and geological conditions at Koshchiivka deposit and to rock properties, the deposit is quarried by excavators bench by bench with preliminary rock loosening by blasting and rock mass transportation by trucks.

Overburden rock is stockpiled externally.

The company’s operation is based on Koshchiivka granite deposit

  • The deposit is located in Fastiv district of Kyiv province in 1 km to the south-west from Koshchiivka village.
  • District center (Fastiv city) and Fastiv railway station (South-Western railway) are connected to the deposit by road and distanced 10 km from it to the south-east.
  • The deposit occupies 40,1 Ha of licensed area.

At Koshchiivka deposit the granite (rock mass) is processed into a crushed stone at Swiss mobile processing plant with capacity of circa 1 Mtn of finished products a year with a three-stage crushing of rock mass and intermediate finished products storage area after the first crushing.

All production equipment is located at outdoor areas.

Koshchiivka aggregates site has implemented and constantly improves certified systems of quality control (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

Qualitative characteristics of the mineral

Crystalline rocks of Koshchiivka deposit are represented by Kirovograd-Zhytomyr biotitic, amphibole- biotitic granites (pinkish gray, medium-grained, massive) consisting of plagioclase (30-40%), kalifeldspar (35-40%), quartz (15-20%), biotite (3-5%), amphibole; accessory ones are represented by single grains of apatite, zircon, leucoxene; metallogenic ones – by quite sparse grains of pyrite, magnetite. Pursuant to protocol of State land management committee #3225 dd. 14.08.2014, unweathered and weathered granite reserves of Koshchiivka deposit with national significance are suitable for production of a crushed stone with 1200-1400 hardness and F-50 freeze resistance according to requirements of SSU Б В.2.7-75-98

"Natural dense crushed aggregates and gravel used for construction materials, products, units and works. Technical specifications”, for rail track ballast layer according to requirements of SSU Б В.2.7-204:2009 “Crushed aggregates from natural stone for rail track ballast layer. Technical specifications”, SSU Б В.2.7-30-95 “Aggregates for crushed–stone and gravel bases and road surfaces. Technical specifications” and for production of quarry stone with 1200-1400 hardness and F-50 freeze resistance according to requirements of SSTU Б В.2.7-241:2010 “Quarry stone. Technical specifications”.

The site comprises rock excavation area, processing plant and repair & maintenance area. Key activities of Koshchiivka granites processing technology are crushing and screening into commercial aggregates fractions.

The company employs over 100 people.