Maidan-ispas sand & gravel quarry

Maidan-ispas sand & gravel quarry

Ispas village, Vyzhnytsia district, Chernivtsi province. Sand, rubble & gravel deposit. Quarried from 2012.

Products from Maidan-Ispas Sand & Gravel Quarry

The minerals are quarried by open-pit and dry mining under continuous supervision of geological surveying service of the company.

Open-pit field is quarried without blasting.

The company’s operation is based on Maidan-Ispas sand, rubble gravel deposit.

  • The deposit is located in Fastiv district of Kyiv province in 1 km to the south-west from Koshchiivka village.
  • The deposit is located in Bahna stow at grassland in Vyzhnytsia district of Chernivtsi province 5,35 km to the east and north-east from the district center and 3 km to the west from Ispas village.
  • The nearest railway stations are 5 km to the west from the site in Vyzhnytsia town and 4 km to the north-west from Ispas village.
  • The deposit occupies 121,6 Ha of licensed area.

At the site we use a transport system of deposit quarrying with dump trucks and stockpile mantle rocks externally and internally. Mining and overburden removing run in parallel.

The minerals are processed into construction aggregates at a modern Irish mobile processing plant with capacity of 600 000 tn of products a year.

Qualitative characteristics of the mineral

Deposit minerals are sand & gravel mixes consisting of gravel (70-80%), single rubbles (2-4%), sand and argillaceous material (15-20%). Gravel and rubbles are well burnished, monometrical, oval and oblate in form with most grains of 2-4 cm in size. Rubble, gravel & sand mix is of the same composition with rubbles taking up to 20%. The main rock of rubbles and gravel is a gray fine- and medium-grained sandstone, less frequently aleurolite, some few quartz, quartzite and flint stone. The sand in the aggregate is quartzous, argillaceous, yellow-gray; with depth its grains become larger, less argillaceous (especially in water-bearing parts)..

Laboratory mechanical and physical tests showed that:

  • 1. Rubble, gravel & sand mix may be used for road coating and upper coating base construction.
  • 2. Deposit mix can be used as a raw material to produce gravel and crushed aggregates from rubbles and gravel for construction works.
  • 3. Due to high amount of dustlike and argillaceous particles the gravel may be used as coarse aggregate only if the mix is screened by washing when it is enriched naturally.
  • 4. Crushed rubble and gravel stones over 20 mm in size may be used as a coarse aggregate.
  • 5. According to GOST 26873-86 requirements screening dust can be used for ready mixes to build road bases and coatings.