Technobud Group LLC is a group of companies (industrial sites) operating in rock mining (granite and sand and gravel mix) and its processing into aggregates. The company produces crushed stone, road mixes, sand and screening dust – multipurpose and essential material in any construction area, including road construction.

The company is a responsible employer who cares about decent and safe working conditions of employees, as well as employs qualified specialists. Since the success and stability of the company is directly related to competence, motivation and satisfaction of people who work for it.

Working at Technobud Group and its sites means to be a part of a well-knit team of specialists. Joining means to participate in the development of building materials industry, to create and deliver high-quality aggregates products.

Working at Technobud Group is:

•    official employment and compliance with current legislation;
•    stable and timely salary;
•    decent working conditions;
•    high standards of industrial safety and health;
•    professional team and streamlined production process and sales;
•    skills development and getting experience in mining and processing industry, as well as in aggregates market.

We respect and value the knowledge, experience and potential of our employees.

If you want to join the company, check out open job offers, fill out the online application and send us your CV.

Current vacancies